Storage Tips

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Stand upright, not allowing mattress to bend. Mattresses should be stored in plastic mattress protectors for dust and moisture in a controlled temperature storage unit.


Heavier boxes should be placed on the bottom. Using the same size boxes helps for easier stacking which results in less damage.


Use moving blankets to help protect from dust and scratches.

Mirrors and pictures

Purchase boxes designed for mirrors and picture storage.


Pack books in small boxes. Books are heavy and should be stored on the bottom. Always store books flat.


Photos are very sensitive to moisture. Keep all photos stored flat and in climate controlled units.

Lawn Equipment

Remove all gas and oil from engines. This reduces the risk of fire.


Clean thoroughly and dry. Use blankets to protect against scratches and dents.

Dishes and Glasses

These items should be stored in small boxes using cardboard between dishes, or in specialty boxes designed for dishes.

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