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5 Essential Tips for Organizing Greenville NC Storage Units

When customers rent Greenville NC storage units, understanding how to organize them correctly can be highly beneficial.

September 2, 2023

When customers rent Greenville NC storage units, understanding how to organize them correctly can be highly beneficial. In addition, storage units in Greenville NC can be helpful to customers looking to place furniture, artwork, household items, and more in a temporary placeholder. At Secure Storage, we understand that proper and effective organization can make a significant difference, so our team wants to help! Here are five tips to help organize your storage unit.

Use Clear Containers

Many customers pack their belongings in cardboard boxes at storage places in Greenville NC. What if we told you to avoid cardboard boxes and invest in clear containers to store your stuff in? Not only can cardboard boxes grow mold and attract pests, but you also can’t see what it’s them! With that in mind, packing belongings in clear totes can ensure you are 100% confident you know what it’s in the container and where to place it in your unit.

Store Frequently Used Items Towards the Front

Clear containers let customers know which boxes have frequently used items in them. Prevent crawling to the back of the unit to find your Christmas ornaments and instead place them in an easy to get to spot to ensure easy access.

Label Boxes

Who doesn’t love a good label? Not only will clear containers come in handy, but you will be 110% confident in what’s in the boxes by labeling each box with what’s in them. Also, be as detailed as possible so you know what’s in each container, what room it’s from, and how frequently you’ll need it so you know to place those specific containers last in the unit.

Stack Boxes from Heavy to Light

Prevent a disaster at storage places in Greenville NC and ensure you are stacking your boxes with heavy containers on the bottom and light containers on top. Not only will this help prevent containers from tipping over, but it can also help prevent lighter boxes from becoming damaged with heavy boxes placed on top of them.

Take Apart Furniture Before Storing

Are you looking for storage units in Greenville NC to store furniture? If so, reserve space and take apart the furniture before storing, and keep the pieces upright to ensure minimal space is used. If the furniture is what you want to store in your storage unit, consider renting a climate-controlled unit from Secure Storage to ensure it contains its quality and doesn’t get ruined.

Reliable Greenville NC Storage Units from Secure Storage

Proper organization is vital when utilizing Greenville NC storage units. Clear containers, labeling boxes, and storing frequently used items towards the front can make the process easier and more efficient. For reliable and secure storage solutions in Greenville, NC, call Greenville self-storage pros at Secure Storage.

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